About Me

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Hello I’m Tiffany and that handsome fella behind the beard is Jessie my  Hubby!

We were both born and raised in a little town in Georgia living only  a few minutes apart.

I’m a crafty small business owner but I also work part time at our local Kmart.

Family (76)
Me and my mom 1995

I grew up in  a big family, I grew up with 3 brothers and 5 sisters and my parents were foster parents so we never had a shortage of family around! My parents adopted me as a baby, they were told I would never live to see my fifth birthday but after many prayers a wonderful team of doctors and lots of love I am now very healthy and I spend my life showing people that my god is much bigger than any problem in life I might face. 

I have always been very crafty even as a child, my mom taught me to sew at age seven and I was instantly in love with it! She also taught me how to crochet and bake.

In 2011 I lost my mom to cancer, I miss her every day but am so glad to have had such a great woman for a mom! She was one of those people that everyone instantly loved.

As an adult I’ve become a little bit of a jack of all trades, I spend my weekdays creating sweet new items for my shop and  planning fun activities for my Children’s church class of rambunctious 3-5 year old’s and love it!

Two years ago I turned my love of creating items into a business and now I make things for my online store Two Funny Bunnies.


PicMonkey Collageh

I have always loved animals and have 3 sweet cat’s  and a hyper little Sheepadoodle dog.


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