Thrifted Thursday


Happy first day of spring! I thought I would kick off today with a round-up of recent Thrift store, yard sale and flea market find’s since hopefully warm weather means more great finds.

I got several old scarves to pick apart for yarn.

The scarfs after being turned into yarn balls

First up was several scarfs I found for $1 each,  there was also a cute grey one but I left it as a scarf for now and took the rest apart to use for making things for my shop so $4 for one adorable scarf and 3 huge yarn balls, not to shabby.


I love having wreaths for every season or holiday and was so happy to find this one at a local thrift shop for only $1! They actually had two different ones but I decided to get this one because it had two bunnies and I was thinking I could take it to shows or keep it up in my craft room once we move.

PicMonkey Collagee

I was so excited to find a cast iron skillet at a local flea market and even more so when I saw a $5 tag on it! it was quite dirty but after a good cleaning it was ready for use in my kitchen. I used it the other day to make breakfast for me and Jessie and used a little coconut oil to season it before and after use.


While I was wondering around the flea market with my sister I also came across this cordless cheese grater for $5, I didn’t notice the battery wasn’t included until I got it home but it is brand new and still in plastic, once I find the battery pack this poor little thing will get worn out at my house since we love cheese.

Here’s hoping for warm weather so I can snag some more goodies and also so I can have a yard sale of my own to rid my house of un-needed junk! 🙂



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