A Black Hole Ate My Hard Drive

Actually I have no idea what happened to my hard drive this time. It’s just gone. I’ve been borrowing a  laptop for the last month or so which makes it kinda hard to post since all of my images were in my computer. I was super busy last month. Let’s see here, there was prom, graduation, and graduation practice days at school which was a great experience. I was so glad I went to prom and walked at graduation.

I decided to go to prom so last minute that I almost missed my chance to get my dress and prom tickets, but thanks to speedy shipping via eBay’s goodbye girls my dress arrived in two days!  My shoes took a little longer, but they were so comfy it was worth the wait. We had our prom at the Hunter Museum in Tennessee, which had the most beautiful view from down stairs and an equally beautiful view on the balcony.

Graduation went very well. I was so worried about tripping or getting caught on the rails, but I walked up there without any problems. I will admit I got kinda lost in the crowd waiting for my diploma, but after I got outside my teacher met up with me along with my family to get some pics.



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