On the bright side

I’ve had a one awful thing after another happen here lately, A few days before Christmas one of my back teeth broke out of no where, I was away from home so I haven’t been able to see a dentist yet. The day before school started my computer completely crashed, My brother said my hard drive crashed. That means all my pictures, Videos, Word docs everything I had on my computer is gone. I was crushed when I realized my computer wasn’t working. But even though these things are not how I wanted to start my new year, I’m looking on the bright side.  I’m making a dentist appointment tomorrow to deal with the tooth,  Someone has been called to fix my computer, And I found a disk with most of my pictures on it. Also on the bright side my computer hasn’t been working right for a while , so now it’ll be fixed and hopefully back to normal! For now my dads letting me use his computer. Thanks dad! 🙂



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