Does eating brain cake make you smarter??

studies show that they don’t, in fact all the kids at the party were talking crazy nonsense about 5 minutes after we had cake.

So yesterday I had a little birthday party for my little brother. It was pretty small, just a few of his friend and family.

some of the kids came in costume, Barry dresses like a zombie since he was getting a brain cake!

That’s the awesome brain cake I made, It was a big hit with all the kids!  It was pretty tasty too, Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.  this was a tricky cake, getting that brain color was tough, it’s a mixture of: and orange.

I made like four dozen sugar cookies for the party shaped like cats and ghosts. I also decorated boxes to hold the favors and noise makers, and then we got a party kit for the plates,cups, table cloth.

Here’s the brain with the lid on.

it was lots of fun and I’m pretty sure my hands will be brain pink for a while. d:



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