My craft room before and after

Thanks V and Co. for inspiring me to tackle my mess, I’m glad I did it and now I can use my craft room again.

So here is the before:

I’ must admit I am both horrified and majorly embarrassed by this picture. I just can’t believe it was that bad, In my defense while I was away from home visiting people, Somehow it became storage for giant tubs of my dads stuff and eventually became out second junk room, Trust me you wouldn’t wanna see the first one. 😛

And the after:

So much better, I even found a way for my dads stuff to TEMPORARILY stay in the sewing room. 😛

Also I feel I should mention the new sewing machine is quite happy on the desk.

The above pic was not taken in my sewing room but it kinda shows off my new sewing machine.

I’ve got a lovely to do pile in my craft room already!

So nicely stacked and organized!

By the way check out my gorgeous tomatoes! I can’t wait to eat them! or some other ones, what ever is outside when I get home from my sister’s house.

Well I gotta go Leaving for Illinois tomorrow!!!!!



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