Happy Fourth Of July

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend, My dad had to work today so we celebrated last night with a cook out and going to watch fireworks.  I swear it seemed like the whole town was there, it was so packed with people we spent literally an hour looking for a parking spot. (we should have left way earlier to get a good spot) After finally finding a place to part  we kinda just wondered around trying to waste some time before the big firework show began, talking to people we knew, listening to the local bands, buying lots of glow sticks that didn’t work to well unfortunately.  Then finally after waiting for what seemed like forever the fireworks started and I had to rush to grab a good spot to take pictures, since we ended up parking a few minutes away from the where they were going to shoot off the actual fireworks.

They were so beautiful! (:

Happy fourth of July, Have fun and be safe!



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