And So It Begins

Remodeling has officially started in our house. We started with the future nursery first since no one goes in there we can take out time and learn as we go.


Here’s where we are now:

Good bye textured walls and ugly carpet!

Removing the texture from our walls has been the most time consuming project I’ve ever done but I am so glad to see smooth walls are in our future!

I’ll be back with another update soon!


Happy New Year

We pray this year will be happy, healthy and truly blessed from start to finish.

I like to start each year with this scripture.

Sometimes it is hard to understand those plans, they may not be what you think you need in that moment but know if you trust in God he will take you where you are meant to be.
On this first day of a new year we give all the glory to God for where we are in our lives this very moment. I never would have imagined myself in this place from where we started last new year. God has truly blessed us, our beautiful new home and my job I love working are truly prayers answered. So as we begin another year knowing the desire of my heart for this year I will trust that he knows better than I ever could what this year will hold.

Praters Mill 2017

Another year at our favorite place has passed, another year of festival friends and family from over the years, new customers and old.

This year may have been one of our most profitable and the weather was perfect, only a few minutes of rain and back to sunshine!

This year’s setup was much like last year, you know what they say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

I’m still working on a new website since we did a name change last year but will update when it’s up and running again!

More updates soon.

We’ve Been Busy….

It has been quite a while since my last post. We have been busy and life has been ever changing.

Since my last post was so long ago I don’t even know where to start so let’s just start where we are now.

We bought our first home in august and have since been working hard making it our own.

I can’t even begin to express how blessed we are to have been able to do this! The process was not easy and we had a lot of hiccups along the way and just when we wanted to give up it was ours. Our little home is on an acre with tree bedrooms and one and a half baths. We are looking forward to lots of firsts in our home.

We have started painting some of the main rooms and just started working on one of the bedrooms that will become our nursery when we adopt.

I’ll do a house tour post as soon as we get fully unpacked, get past the holidays and have time to catch our breath.

Intertwined For Life

Vick-Wedding-214-XL (1)

Hello friends, just in case you were wondering  we did in deed tie the knot! It seems like it was just a few days but also the stress over planning everything was so long ago! Now it’s march and we have been married for four months already!!

Our big day was so beautiful and I hope I always look back on it as vividly as I do right now, though we opted out for a videographer because we agreed we would probably never watch it. We did however hire the same amazing photographer that did our Fair Themed Engagement. Let me just say I could write a whole post about how much we love her!


If you don’t know me well you may not know the depth of my procrastinating, let me just say how much I regretted it when I was baking brownies the day before and making my bridesmaids bouquets at midnight, My dad bought our flowers that morning as well because I changed my mind about the fake ones the night before in try crazy bride fashion of course!



Everything turned out more beautiful than I ever could imagine and we were so thankful to our amazing wedding party and family whom all showed up early in the morning and jumped into action to help set up and clean up when we got there.  One of my Bridesmaids even brought me a hot tea since I had been sick that week. ♥  We definitely couldn’t have done it without them, we had a lot to do when we got there since our venue wasn’t cleaned. luckily we had enough hands to get the job done.

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Our ceremony was my favorite thing we planned since we were able to customize our vows and add in a special prayer, We also had a unity cross ceremony at the end. Our Officiant Ted was chosen from a great company that helps couples who were unable to use their church pastor be matched with another pastor for their big day. We knew who he was because we hear him on J103 all the time so it was like we had a celebrity guest haha.   .


We had such  a large wedding party and so many cute kids running around. I am so proud of how well our nieces and nephews did, we briefly practiced with some of the girls how they walk and throw the flowers down the isle but a few of the kids lived far away, we had no melt downs and not one complain from them they were so happy to be a part of it!



We were so blessed to be able to spend our special day making memories with our family.