Rain Drops & Happy Tears

12 Nov

Woops! I may be a teensy bit late with my yearly Praters Mill blog!
Goodness this year was a doozy! It seemed we would never get there, between my not knowing about having those days off due to a new job and a flat tire on the way to the show on the first day, Curb Check!
We did however make it with time to spare after having to wait for my dad to save us with a new tire.

This year was my first year going without my dad which meant I was driving and also had to make my way through the mud to get to my designated parking spot after dropping off my many totes at my canopy, I never knew how awful mud was until I was stuck driving in nothing but mud and grass that weekend, yuck!

Our setup was a little different this year as we did not hang the quilts in case of rain and instead placed them inside of a crib along with the receiving blankets. I also had a new display for my bows this year which was so much better instead of people digging through all of them they could just give it a spin and see everything.

2014-10-11 08.52.54 2014-10-11 08.53.25 2014-10-11 08.53.34We got rained on both days but we still had sales when the sun came out. I must say thank goodness for Jessie being there to help or we would have had a soaked catastrophe of a booth this year with all the rain coming and going as it pleased.

My sister Laura came down with her girls for the show both days and my sister Krystal and her family drove down from Illinois on the second day for a visit the last day.

The second day seemed to have went much better, many sales were made and lots of trades for goodies from other vendors which is always a bonus. I even had time to walk around with my sister for a while, Once we got back to my booth she stayed so me and Jessie could walk around a little while. This was out third year at Praters and each year I am so thankful he is a good sport and sits all day with me so when we had a change to actually walk around together we were both happy to take it.

We walked the path that leads to the view of the water and the small waterfall by the mill, something I had seen many times but he was set on seeing it that day. We got over to the edge and he points out how beautiful the waterfall looks today, After looking and thinking it looked the same I looked back at him he was down on one knee, ring in hang. Oh my goodness I couldn’t believe he had pulled that off! Had my siblings and dad there and everything! I am so thankful every day that god sent him my way to become my best friend for life, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with such a kind, sweet and sneaky romantic!

2014-10-12 16.29.19I hope you are ready for crafty wedding posts and blogs about wedding related adventures!


The Good The Bad And The Ugly

24 Aug PicMonkey Collagedresser

PicMonkey CollagedresserSometimes I just see a piece of furniture and no matter how bad it looks it’s just calling out to me to be restored!
let me start from the beginning, months ago we decided we would move and since I am an over thinker but I promise I come by it honestly just like my hoarding (thanks Grandma C!) Anyway As an over thinker I began to think of all the things we would need that I could find cheap and make to match what I have already stored away. Well a wide dresser was on my list but none had jumped out at me so I had given up my search to go about other  things for a while. Well several weeks ago I was cruising our local free and for sale items and came across an ad for a cheap dresser, As you can see below the picture was quite dark and it didn’t look to bad especially not for $30.

IMG_2967Little did I know at the time this dresser would become a pain in my back side the second I agreed to buy it and pick it up. The dreser was wet and falling apart, things that were never mentioned, I still wanted to take it home because I knew under all that paint (6 layers) was something beautiful I could love for years to come.


After much hard work and lot’s of scraping I realized that beyond the paint was this discusting layer of old varnish that was not budging (pictured above). Though the heat gun removed all layers of paint it just couldn’t tackle the varnish.

PicMonkey Collage88

Though this isn’t half bad of a mid point with such a mess top have started with. As you can can see it was once a nice dark color before being white, red, cream, blue, black and silver.IMG_2990Anyway next step was to apply a very generous amount of citrus peel AKA orange slime to the dresser and drawers. Many coats were applied before I got any  results but soon I had a nearly bare dresser ready to be sanded.

I used both the belt and palm sander on the whole thing to give a nice smooth surface and also to clean up some water damaged spots that were rough I also decided to puty up all but one lock hole since the locks were in such bad shape. Sadly I didn’t remember to take a picture of it sanded but once we got it sanded we realized it was made of oak!

IMG_3000IMG_3005Next was paint and stain, I went with a cream gloss for the body and my favorite stand by Red Mahogany 225 for the top.

And at this point it was done! Let me just say this thing was so heavy and wide moving it into my bedroom was a nightmare, it almost didn’t fit in my bedroom door!

Last was buying knobs, this was a task I knew would eat of the budget for this project.

PicMonkey Collage7I first was going to go with this blue one as I thought it went well with the stain and paint but Jessie wasn’t a fan.


So after searching through what they had  we ended up buying two of these to see if we liked them  and they were perfect! But since the store quoted me $50 on those ones we had to wait for them last and  luckily about the time it was done they went on sale and I was able to get the rest of them for only $25!

2014-08-14 14.30.46After the knobs were on it was all finished and ready to be used, I love how it looks with some of my mom’s old things and some of my thrifted goodies on it.

2014-08-14 15.04.52

Here is my cost break down for this project.

Dresser: $30.00.

Plastic to cover work area: had on hand.

Head Gun: had on hand.

2 jugs of Citrus strip $23.50.

Sanders: had on hand.

Can of wood putty: had on hand.

Sand paper: $5.00.

6 Cans of Valspar Premium spray paint in Gloss Lovely Bluff: $30.00.

Can of Wood Stain in Red Mahogony 225: Had on hand.

Can of poly spray in gloss: had on hand.

Knobs: $35.00


Total cost of this project: Roughly $123.50.

Thanks for reading!



F is for fitness!

22 Mar
2014-03-22 13.39.31

Hello cow’s, sorry teddy barked at you! :)

I’m going to get back to walking 2 miles every day again, today is like the second or third walk I’ve taken so far. Today was the first time I walked a full mile again and my feet are so sore! I need a good pair of  running shoes since all I have right now are Vans or flats to wear and those are just not gonna cut it!

I usually take my walk in the circle of the neighborhood above the one I live in, it is always different with each season and since the last time I went was about September it went from changing leaves to the flowers blooming. I didn’t walk any during winter because it was cold and now I’m regretting it because it is torture on my hips and legs.  My goal is to get back down to 115 pounds again right now I’m weighing in at 143 pounds so I have some work to do and I’ll be using my fitness pal for android and also distance calculator which saves an image of my walk every time I use it, I’ll try and post those once a week when possible.

If you haven’t tried My fitness Pal you really should, it is a calorie tracker and helped me so much last summer, actually last summer I lost a total of 15 pounds just from walking and watching what I ate.

I hope you will join me in my fitness journey this year and would love to hear what you are doing to stay fit!


Thrifted Thursday

20 Mar


Happy first day of spring! I thought I would kick off today with a round-up of recent Thrift store, yard sale and flea market find’s since hopefully warm weather means more great finds.



The scarfs after being turned into yarn balls

First up was several scarfs I found for $1 each, I kept  the cute gray one in the picture and took the rest apart to use for making things for my shop so $4 for one adorable scarf and 3 huge yarn balls, not to shabby.


I love having wreaths for every season or holiday and was so happy to find this one at a local thrift shop for only $1! They actually had two different ones but I decided to get this one because it had two bunnies and I was thinking I could take it to shows or keep it up in my craft room once we move.

PicMonkey Collagee

I was so excited to find a cast iron skillet at a local flea market and even more so when I saw a $5 tag on it! it was quite dirty but after a good cleaning it was ready for use in my kitchen. I used it the other day to make breakfast for me and Jessie and used a little coconut oil to season it before and after use.


While I was wondering around the flea market with my sister I also came across this cordless cheese grater for $5, I didn’t notice the battery wasn’t included until I got it home but it is brand new and still in plastic, once I find the battery pack this poor little thing will get worn out at my house since we love cheese.

Here’s hoping for warm weather so I can snag some more goodies and also so I can have a yard sale of my own to rid my house of un-needed junk! :)



21 Feb

IMG_2550Being a pack rat pays off when you need boxes! :D

Sometimes Quilts Make Me Cry

18 Feb

Hello again,  so If you are have not yet heard, and word seems to travel fast in my neck of the woods I will be moving very soon, possibly in a few months but I will tell more about that later.

Yesterday I decided to take all my boxes out of the closet and check everything out, you know check for broken things, things I will never actually use that have been given to me and have no real sentimental value, things I should donate. If you don’t know I have had a closet full of boxes and furniture for the last 6 or 7 years!  Anyway yesterday as I was picking up and packing up a few things in my sewing room, I came across the quilt I was sewing before I lost my mom, When I started looking at all the pretty squares in the box I remembered how she had helped me pick through scraps and how some where old clothes, Each square planned out with  her advising me on my first quilt for myself. Even now after over two years it is still so hard to think about not having her here to help me finish it, but after a long crying session I felt like she would want me to get it finished for my new home, something special I will cherish every day when I see it. I’ll post pictures along the way and may even add a few more special squares :).

So if you don’t get an update for a while you will know where to find me busily sewing and maybe a little emotional.


Hello Darlings!

20 Jan

Hello! I’ve taken a break from working on the pram to get back to work on goodies for my shop.

What new goodies you ask? Let me show you!

IMG_2291 IMG_2243 IMG_2251 IMG_2256 IMG_2257IMG_2263 IMG_2270 IMG_2284

lots of adorable baby bonnets happening over here! hope you enjoyed the cuteness of this quick post!



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