F is for fitness!

22 Mar
2014-03-22 13.39.31

Hello cow’s, sorry teddy barked at you! :)

I’m going to get back to walking 2 miles every day again, today is like the second or third walk I’ve taken so far. Today was the first time I walked a full mile again and my feet are so sore! I need a good pair of  running shoes since all I have right now are Vans or flats to wear and those are just not gonna cut it!

I usually take my walk in the circle of the neighborhood above the one I live in, it is always different with each season and since the last time I went was about September it went from changing leaves to the flowers blooming. I didn’t walk any during winter because it was cold and now I’m regretting it because it is torture on my hips and legs.  My goal is to get back down to 115 pounds again right now I’m weighing in at 143 pounds so I have some work to do and I’ll be using my fitness pal for android and also distance calculator which saves an image of my walk every time I use it, I’ll try and post those once a week when possible.

If you haven’t tried My fitness Pal you really should, it is a calorie tracker and helped me so much last summer, actually last summer I lost a total of 15 pounds just from walking and watching what I ate.

I hope you will join me in my fitness journey this year and would love to hear what you are doing to stay fit!


Thrifted Thursday

20 Mar


Happy first day of spring! I thought I would kick off today with a round-up of recent Thrift store, yard sale and flea market find’s since hopefully warm weather means more great finds.



The scarfs after being turned into yarn balls

First up was several scarfs I found for $1 each, I kept  the cute gray one in the picture and took the rest apart to use for making things for my shop so $4 for one adorable scarf and 3 huge yarn balls, not to shabby.


I love having wreaths for every season or holiday and was so happy to find this one at a local thrift shop for only $1! They actually had two different ones but I decided to get this one because it had two bunnies and I was thinking I could take it to shows or keep it up in my craft room once we move.

PicMonkey Collagee

I was so excited to find a cast iron skillet at a local flea market and even more so when I saw a $5 tag on it! it was quite dirty but after a good cleaning it was ready for use in my kitchen. I used it the other day to make breakfast for me and Jessie and used a little coconut oil to season it before and after use.


While I was wondering around the flea market with my sister I also came across this cordless cheese grater for $5, I didn’t notice the battery wasn’t included until I got it home but it is brand new and still in plastic, once I find the battery pack this poor little thing will get worn out at my house since we love cheese.

Here’s hoping for warm weather so I can snag some more goodies and also so I can have a yard sale of my own to rid my house of un-needed junk! :)



21 Feb

IMG_2550Being a pack rat pays off when you need boxes! :D

Sometimes Quilts Make Me Cry

18 Feb

Hello again,  so If you are have not yet heard, and word seems to travel fast in my neck of the woods I will be moving very soon, possibly in a few months but I will tell more about that later.

Yesterday I decided to take all my boxes out of the closet and check everything out, you know check for broken things, things I will never actually use that have been given to me and have no real sentimental value, things I should donate. If you don’t know I have had a closet full of boxes and furniture for the last 6 or 7 years!  Anyway yesterday as I was picking up and packing up a few things in my sewing room, I came across the quilt I was sewing before I lost my mom, When I started looking at all the pretty squares in the box I remembered how she had helped me pick through scraps and how some where old clothes, Each square planned out with  her advising me on my first quilt for myself. Even now after over two years it is still so hard to think about not having her here to help me finish it, but after a long crying session I felt like she would want me to get it finished for my new home, something special I will cherish every day when I see it. I’ll post pictures along the way and may even add a few more special squares :).

So if you don’t get an update for a while you will know where to find me busily sewing and maybe a little emotional.


Hello Darlings!

20 Jan

Hello! I’ve taken a break from working on the pram to get back to work on goodies for my shop.

What new goodies you ask? Let me show you!

IMG_2291 IMG_2243 IMG_2251 IMG_2256 IMG_2257IMG_2263 IMG_2270 IMG_2284

lots of adorable baby bonnets happening over here! hope you enjoyed the cuteness of this quick post!


The Vintage Pram Chronicles- Part 2

12 Dec

Hey guys! I am now at the point of no return! all fabric has been removed and set aside to use as a pattern. the main pram has been washed and is ready for some paint!

Here it is, taken apart and washed up


I went today to pick up some fabric and of course was ready to start cutting and sewing as soon as I walked in my house, though I did not I’ll save that for next week.

So this is what I bought I got about a yard and a half of the  quilted fabric but had the linen already on hand.

prd18961 bc4df24130036e69bcc8826d7f550362

I love that nice cocoa brown linen and fluffy white pre-quilted cotton! So perfect and gender friendly which is definitely a bonus!

So far the cost of this project has been:

Vintage Pram – $80

Brown Linen – Free from a neighbor!

White Pre-Quilted fabric – $6.50 with a 50% off coupon at Joann!

Two spools of thread – $1.96

Next week I’ll be picking paint and painting the main body of the pram! soo excited to show off the finished project!


The Vintage Pram Chronicles- Part 1

8 Dec

Hey guys! I wanted to pop by so I can start sharing a new project with you all.

So I bought this pretty little pram over a year ago and it has been sitting in storage waiting to be used since. Last week a friend of mine asked me to do her maternity pictures and later photograph her new little, I of course said YES! and began gathering all my fun newbie props. This week as I was taking it all out piece by piece I ran across the pram which when I first got it had a small tear in the hood, when I got it out that small tear was not a huge hole! So this has prompted me to want to just do a full clean up and make it beautiful as I know it once was.

So, Lets first start with a picture from when it was delivered to my home by the wonderful ladies at a resale shop in downtown Calhoun Georgia.

561347_434674916573025_996089963_nHello Beautiful! Here she is in all her glory with her dark purple top, yes purple when you get close you can tell! The inside is also torn pretty quilted cotton fabric and her body was a nice dark blue , you can see why I fell in love with her!

So here is a break down of what I’m hoping to do/fix:
First will be the hood and the matching fabric on the sides. Don’t get me wrong I love purple, I’m actually wearing purple right now! I just think she needs to be light and gender neutral so I can use her to photograph babies.

The body will also get a make over, a lovely cream with maybe brown accent strip in the place of the white one.

I will also be adding new soft quilted cotton to the inside something extra soft and nice bright white or cream.

The rest of her really isn’t so bad, the wheels need cleaning but thats nothing major and her body that connects the wheels is perfectly fine and has no rust! woot woot!


Anyway I would like to invite you to read along as I go through this big project and please wish me luck, I know ill be needing it!




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